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Recognizing the considerable investment made by a new facility or hiring new employees, the City of Shawnee and State of Kansas both provide economic development incentive programs to new or existing businesses. These programs are meant to offset some of the project costs while encouraging growth of the Shawnee tax and employment base. Each of the programs is unique in application and intent depending on the type, size, and location of the new project.

For more information regarding incentives, contact us at 913.631.6545 or the Kansas Department of Commerce at 785.296.2932.


City of Shawnee programs include:

Shawnee Entrepreneurial & Economic Development (SEED) Loans

Up-front cash incentive based on amount of new payroll generated in Shawnee that can be forgiven over a series of years.

SEED Program Summary

SEED Program Loan Payment Program

City Policy Statement

Real Property Tax Abatement

Reduction in real property taxes for ad valorem property increment up to 10 years with percentage determined by the project's size and meeting City's economic development goals.

City Policy Statement

Excise Tax Abatement

Temporary forgiveness of the City's excise development fee, typically charged at platting, to encourage new construction and development. Available for all types (commercial, industrial, residential) of development, pursuant to a development agreement, with approximate benefit of $9,400 per acre.

Excise Tax Abatement

City Policy Statement

Shawnee Downtown Property Tax Rebate

A 90 percent property tax rebate, of eligible jurisdictions, for ten years on ad valorem improvements within the downtown district. The benefit can be the equivalent of 25 percent of the cost of construction for a new building.

More Information on City's website

Shawnee Downtown Improvement Grants

Commercial rehabilitation grants for exterior, and some interior, improvements within the core downtown district area.

More Information on City's website

State of Kansas programs include:

Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK)

The state’s primary incentive for labor-intensive projects is a state withholdings tax-based program that exempts 95 percent of new taxes for a period of five to seven years, depending on wages, for those employers creating at least 10 new jobs, paying wages higher than county median wage, and providing 50 percent of the cost of health insurance premiums.

More information

High Performance Incentive Program (HPIP)

The state’s primary incentive for capital-intensive projects is a ten percent state corporate income tax credit accompanied by a sales tax exemption for employers that pay above-average wages, make significant investment in employee training, and manufacturer and/or sell products outside of Kansas.

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Kansas Industrial Training (KIT)

The state’s primary training program for both pre-employment and on-the-job training for employers that add jobs over $11 per hour and make eligible expenditures on training

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Sales Tax Examption

Exemption on eligible purchases - purchase and installation of equipment, materials used in construction, remodeling, or furnishing a qualified business through the HPIP program.