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Shawnee is located in Johnson County, Kansas which is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. This is in the very center of North America. And with Johnson County being in the central time zone, there is more time to do business on both coasts. This county has an excellent business climate and has attracted over 100,000 new residents, almost 2,800 new businesses and nearly 105,000 new jobs in the past decade. This is why so many industries have located their headquarters in Johnson County.

There are several sites within Shawnee’s borders that are perfect for your business. Shawnee is already in a great location; now find your perfect business location by checking out what is available. Please note, information regarding the status and price of available property is subject to change. The list of properties here are intended as a representative sample. Please contact us for more information: call 913.631.6545 or send an email.

Industrial Buildings
Retail Building
Office Buildings

Please note that the information furnished regarding property is from sources deemed reliable.



Shawnee is a retailer’s paradise with many opportunities. North Star Destination Strategies was hired by the City of Shawnee to review the community tapestry to discover new opportunities. North Star researches communities across the nation and specializes in city marketing and branding strategies. After reviewing Shawnee, North Star found that residents here live a considerable “high life” as compared to other communities. In fact, what the agency dubbed as “High Society” was found to be Shawnee’s largest market. This segment of the population included affluent and educated family households. It is the wealthiest consumer market, representing less than 1% of all U.S. households. Amazingly, the “High Society” segment makes up 53.8% of the Shawnee population, compared to 16.6% of the Kansas City population. North Star listed several traits connected to the Shawnee population that may interest potential retailers. They included:

  • This population leads a lifestyle that is characterized with a higher discretionary income.
  • Their median household income, more than $170,000, and median net worth, $464,000,
    are four times the national medians.
  • They frequently purchased new apparel for work and play.
  • They own “extras” in home appliances such as multiple TVs, gaming systems, computers, appliances and more.
  • They make home improvements annually and take care of their lawn and garden.
  • They shop at upscale and value-oriented stores (The Limited, Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, Starbucks AND TJ Maxx, Sam’s Club and Target).
  • They eat out frequently at family-friendly and casual dining restaurants (Don Pablo’s, Chik-fil-a, Red Robin, Chili’s, Cheesecake Factory and more).
  • They drive SUVs, luxury cars and Jeeps.
  • They enjoy reading, photography, golf, tennis, running, hiking, drinking wine and beer.
  • They are concerned with health and exercise frequently.

To find out more about North Star’s findings, contact the Shawnee Economic Development Council via email.


Traffic Counts

Shawnee has high traffic counts in key locations that may be considered when deciding where exactly to locate within the city borders. Here are some traffic counts, as provided by the Kansas Department of Transportation, unless otherwise noted. The counts were taken in 2007, unless otherwise noted.

I-435 Locations Traffic Count
North of Holiday Drive
61,200 (2009)
South of Holiday Drive
65,600 (2009)
North of Johnson Drive
65,600 (2009)
South of Johnson Drive
66,100 (2009)
North of Midland Drive
70,700 (2009)
South of Midland Drive
69,400 (2009)
Kansas Highway 7 Traffic Count
North of Shawnee Mission Parkway
19,900 (2009)
South of Shawnee Mission Parkway
21,600 (2009)
North of 83rd Street
21,600 (2009)
South of 83rd Street
19,900 (2009)
Johnson Drive Traffic Count
East of Nieman Road
East of Quivira Road
West of Quivira Road
East of Nieman Road
East of Quivira Road
West of Quivira Road
East of Maurer Road
West of Maurer Road
East of Renner
28,235 (2001)
West of I-435
West of Barker
West of Monticello Road
Nieman Road Traffic Count
North of Shawnee Mission Parkway
At 62nd Street
15,212 (2006, City of Shawnee)
North of 67th Street
South of 67th Street
North of 75th Street
12,625 (2004)
South of 75th Street
Quivira Road Traffic Count
South of Johnson Drive
11,720 (2004)
North/South of Shawnee Mission Parkway
(No Recent Count)
South of 67th Street
South of 75th Street
Pflumm Road Traffic Count
North of Shawnee Mission Parkway
South of 67th Street
South of Blackfish Parkway
8,723 (City of Shawnee)
Lackman Road Traffic Count
North of Shawnee Mission Parkway
South of 67th Street
South of Midland Drive