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Good Workers

A talented work force is a key component of business success. As part of Johnson County - where the population is one of the most highly educated in America - Shawnee is fortunate to have ready access to highly educated employees. According to recent reports by the US Census Bureau, 94.5 percent of all Shawnee residents age 25 and above have at least a high school diploma, surpassing the national average of about 80 percent and the Kansas City metro of 90.1 percent. Shawnee residents who have at least a bachelor's degree is at 41.8 percent, surpassing the national average of 30 percent and the metro at 32.5 percent.

Beyond access to a local labor pool that is one of the best in the nation, Shawnee businesses are able to draw from a 20-country area within an approximate one-hour commute. That means Shawnee has sufficient quantity and quality of workers to meet the requirements of most any business/ needs.


Work Force Facts & Stats

  • More than 15,000 business establishments employ just under 25,000 workers
  • The median commute time for Shawnee residents is 20 minutes
  • 94.5% of all Shawnee residents age 25+ have at least a high school diploma
  • 48.1% of all Shawnee residents age 25+ have at least a bachelor's degree
    • 32% in Metro
    • 29.3% in Kansas
    • 30% in US


Continuing Education Possibilities

This region’s numerous colleges and universities provide Shawnee residents with diverse opportunities for advanced education and training. Residents can access numerous programs through Johnson County Community College (JCCC) including both the main campus and a nearby satellite. Each year, JCCC has served more than 150,000 people through the Continuing Education program. The University of Kansas Edwards Campus is located in Johnson County. At the Edwards Campus, students can go back to finish a degree or complete a new one. All courses offered at Edwards count towards degree credit at the nationally renowned University of Kansas, the State of Kansas’ largest university. KU is only 40 minutes away in Lawrence, Kansas. The University of Kansas Medical Center, a nationally recognized biomedical center and world class research center and hospital, is located in Kansas City, Kansas. There, continuing education in the medical industry is the focus as well as training for the nation’s top doctors and medical research analysts. For more information on education K-12, click here.


2012 Annual Labor Force Statistics

Shawnee 33,083 31,394 1,689 5.1%
Johnson County 303,040 284,654 18,386 6.1%
Metropolitan Kansas City 1,055,719 970,060 85,659 8.1%

Source: CERI Johnson County Laborshed 2012