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Good Partner: the City of Shawnee

Thanks to forward-thinking city leaders, Shawnee continues to grow with new opportunities. The City of Shawnee is one of the oldest cities in Kansas, dating back to 1856 and incorporating in 1922. The City has a mayor-council-manager form of government with the mayor elected at-large and two council members representing each of the four wards in the city.

The City provides a wide variety of services: including police and fire protection, emergency preparedness and response, street & storm drainage, promotion of recreation & cultural events (particularly through Shawnee Town 1929), planning & zoning, codes administration, and other general municipal services. Water, sewer, and solid waste services are provided by WaterOne, Johnson County Wastewater, and private entities like Deffenbaugh respectively.

The City of Shawnee has received +Aa credit rating from Moody's, depicting the strength of the local economy and strong fiscal management. Crucial to the city's fiscal position are sales tax revenues. Shawnee continues to add new revenues from new development and growth while maintaining a competitive rate among peer cities:

Shawnee 9.600%
Leawood 9.100%
Lenexa 9.350%
Olathe 9.475%
Overland Park 9.160%
Source: KS Dept. of Revenue, April 2017


Business Liaison

Shawnee is one of the only cities in the Kansas City region to support the needs of business and industry through a dedicated staff person. Shawnee's Business Liaison position operates in the City Manager's department and assists businesses, entrepreneurs, and development projects on navigating the city's approval and regulatory process. To contact the City's Business Liaison, click here.

Economic Incentives

Shawnee is aggressively pursuing new investment and job-creation within the city limits. The City has a wide variety of tools that can support retail, industrial, office employment or new commercial developments. For more information on local incentives, visit here.